Microsoft is Working Hard to Lead the AI Revolution

And its latest update to Teams will certainly make it a front-runner.


Eliminate your company's technology-based headaches.

With our highly affordable pro-active managed IT services, you don't have to worry about the expense of downtime, workstations and servers are maintained, scanned and patched regularly.

Our comprehensive SnyderOne solution is predictably priced. Pricing is per device, calculated by the number of servers and workstations in your company.

SnyderOne means every device has monitoring, patching, our cybersecurity stack, asset documentation, reporting and a new client portal included and configured.


Complete Security Solutions for Your Business

Snyder Technologies protects our client networks and devices using cybersecurity tech from the top vendors in the world.

Our pro-active managed service means your company devices are being constantly scanned, patched and updated so your business is protected from the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

Advanced SIEM and SOC services are available for ultimate insight into device and network activity.


The Cloud. The future of business technology is now.

Snyder Technologies is your Cloud computing expert. We present solutions for any of your business' needs. From Office 365, to containerized app development, to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure, we got you.

We can support Cloud infrastructure in MS Azure or our own Data Center in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.


Advanced Threat Detection with SIEM/SOC.

SnyderOne MANAGED SOC 24/7 Threat Monitoring

Advanced persistent threats (APT) are orchestrated by well-funded and highly skilled cybercriminals who can evade even the strongest security defenses. Even with heavy investments in antivirus and firewall solutions, businesses find it hard to protect their clients from adversaries who continue to prove that yesterday's security stack cannot stop them.

Companies require advanced security for today’s advanced threats.

SnyderOne can provide SIEM/SOC services to audit your infrastructure 24/7 without breaking the bank or sweat.



Years of Experience

SnyderOneManaged Services & IT Support

Snyder Technologies is a global leader in IT services and direct Microsoft CSP since 2004, providing IT Support such as network design, IT helpdesk support,  cloud support and consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our expertise has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure needed to offer the latest technology and keep our prices affordable. Our pro-active SnyderOne solution gives you what they need to stay running.
  • Flat-rate per device Pricing
  • Pro-active Maintenance Solution
  • NextGen Cybersecurity Stack
  • DR and Business Continuity Solutions

What We DoOur Services

Our Goal Is To Prevent IT Issues Before They Even Happen, Keeping Your Business Profitable and Successful.

Microsoft 365

Snyder is a direct CSP with Microsoft. When you switch to Snyder we can save you 10% on your expenses for this essential productivity suite.

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Hardware Services

Can your enterprise or small business afford to replace your essential hardware?

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Managed IT Services

Has technology ever let you down? If you are like other businesses, you have your fair share of horror stories. Be pro-active.

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Cloud IT Solutions

The future of small and medium business technology that will save you money and increase efficiency.

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Security Services

Advanced EDR Security solutions help keep your data protected and your business up and running.

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Data Services

Is your data secure? Would it survive a disaster? We have Business Continuity Solutions for every size business.

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Understanding ITSnyderOne Is Here To Help!

The best way to protect your business is to understand the the threats and technology it runs on,
we're here to help with that!

IT Threat Glossary

Understand what threats are in store for your business. The Internet can be a dangerous place.

Business Continuity

A Well-Structured Continuity Plan Can Save Your Business When the sky is falling on your business.


The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is quickly becoming a household name.

SnyderOne Partners & Vendors

SnyderOne is proud of our long standing relationships with some
of the most well known and trustworthy brands in the industry

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Picture an AI-enhanced experience that streamlines your business communication and improves overall productivity to unprecedented levels. Sounds a little like science fiction, right? But with Microsoft's latest announcement, this future is closer tha...

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